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Common Instructions: PLEASE READ

Problem and Background

Cannie moved to Hong Kong as a foreign domestic worker 15 years ago from Indonesia. She had a baby, Nida, in Hong Kong 5 years ago and her employer abruptly terminated her employment as a result.  Cannie was given two weeks under immigration laws to find another employer, but she was not able to do so in such a short time. Cannie therefore remained in Hong Kong hoping that she would be able to find another job, but as a result has lost her access to public welfare support and is not legally permitted to work.  She has therefore been working where and when she can but on an unlawful basis.  

Nida's father is a Hong Kong permanent resident but does not want to have anything to do with Nida, has always denied paternity and was not registered on the birth certificate. Nida has never accessed social services, been to school or received identification.  


Cannie wants to know what immigration status she can obtain for Nida, but she does not know how to start this process or how she would pay for it. She believes she can get maintenance from Nida's father, but does not know how to do this or whether she is entitled to seek maintenance at all. Cannie wants to find a lawyer who has dealt with a similar case before and thus will have the relevant experience to help her. However, this will also cost money. Therefore, Cannie will also need to obtain legal funding or find someone willing to take the case pro bono. 

Task Prompt / Guidance

Can you please design and develop prototype of a tool that assists Cannie? You may develop your solution around one of the following situations. However, they are provided for guidance. If you would like to address situations other than those listed below, please be prepared in presenting your solutions to demonstrate recognition of the same level of practicality and reality and answer related questions from the judging panel.

  1. Cannie wants to apply for legal funding but does not know how to do this or how to find, complete and file the relevant application forms and associated documentation. 

  2. Cannie wants to explore whether there are any pro bono services that can help her; for example, identifying possible suitably qualified providers and connects her with them

  3. Cannie wants to share and learn from experiences and knowledge with others in a similar situation to her.

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