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Judging Criteria & Pitch Requirements

Hackathon Objectives

  • Learn more about the Belt & Road region and its challenges relating to access to justice ("A2J") and legal services


  • Build practical, realistic solutions


  • Design inclusively: Consider diverse stakeholder perspectives


  • Encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration


  • Create an A2J-focused legaltech community


Observe submission time; use online submission form

Connectivity checks before pitch time

Speak, check-in with mentors

Plan your team's time and resources efficiently


Respect each other’s space / time  



Fail to check emails, calls from Organising Team

Forget to register

Hog mentors’ time (stick with agreed / allocated timeslot)


Suffer in silence; ask for help


Plagiarise, not observe copyright & IP

Marking Scheme Criteria

If the table is not displaying the 5 criteria properly, please download the PDF

Night Show

Pitch Format & Requirements

  • To pitch, each team must upload the pitch document via this Submission Link (link will be updated closer to "Demo Day" on 28 September 2018)

  • Deliverables – prototype App and/or website; walk-through of problem and solution (wireframe as needed)

  • At the Exhibition Section

  • Demo of prototype by each team (max. 10 mins, inclusive of Q & A with the Judging panel)

  • At the Pitching Session 

  • Presentation of brief Powerpoint deck (max. 3 mins ) + Q & A with Judging panel (max. 2 mins)


Your Pitch To Answer 5  Key Questions  

  1. Which problem scenario are you addressing?​

  2. In one sentence, what problem specifically are you solving?

  3. Why is this problem important to access to justice?​

  4. What are the benefits, including returns on investment and time and cost-savings, for your target users?​

  5. What are the costs of implementation and maintenance?


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