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Hackathon Schedule

Pre-Hackathon Events

Registration Period (Participants and Mentors)

Registration Closes on 7 September 2018

For participants, please ensure you and your team are registered during the registration period. Your registration is not complete until you have submitted an application via the sign up form in this website, even if you have submitted an expression of interest

Team Composition

Confirmation by 10 September 2018

  • Participants without a fully formed team at the time of registration to find team members among confirmed registered individual participants and form team between the end of the registration period and 10 September 2018

  • Individuals without a team should either form or join a team 

Problem Release / Proposal Submission / Mentorship

Week of 10 September 2018 until 20 September 2018

  • Release and briefing of the Hackathon problem

  • Teams may be required to submit a proposal on their response to the Hackathon problem (to be confirmed) at the time of confirming fully formed teams
  • Mentors will be announced to the teams and the teams are expected to contact them for consultation around one week before and during the competition day

Technical Training

19 September 2018, 6:30 pm -9:30pm (Mandatory for Registrants)

Venue: Microsoft training room, Cyberport

  • Introduce technologies relevant to the Hackathon problem 

  • Session to be conducted by technology experts in Cyberport

  • A team might be disqualified from entering the competition if it fails to send at least one team member to attend the technical training session on its behalf  

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The information on this page is provided for reference only and made without representation or warranty of the accuracy thereof, and may be subject to change without prior notice.
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