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Law Society X HKSTP Accelerator: Join Us

The Law Society of Hong Kong is partnering with the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks ("HKSTP") to develop a legaltech innovation programme (programme tentatively titled, the "Future of Law") under the umbrella of the HKSTP Global Acceleration Academy ("GAA"). The InnoTech Law Hub of the Law Society is leading this 12-month pilot initiative.


Knowing and communicating your rights and obligations, and creating, retrieving, and managing legal documents, efficiently and effectively are fundamental challenges but are essential to providing / obtaining legal services.

Through the GAA, the Law Society aims to find technology solutions to enhance the delivery of legal services and access to justice in Hong Kong by:

  1. matching lawyers / firms (members of the Law Society of Hong Kong) with startups and vendors providing relevant technology products on the market; and

  2. facilitating the co-development of relevant technology products (not on the market).

This is a good opportunity for startups, based in or outside Hong Kong, to work with and potentially sell to the Hong Kong legal market.

The Law Society is looking to invest in eligible projects that are admitted in the co-development part of the programme.

We are now accepting expressions of interest. The matching and co-development exercises are not expected to start until Q2 and Q3 / 4 2020, respectively.

Details about the GAA

The GAA website outlines the format, objectives and benefits of the acceleration program. As per the GAA website:

Global Acceleration Academy (GAA) is an intensive business acceleration programme spearheaded by HKSTP to connect up-and-coming startups with world-class enterprises and help them localise their innovation and achieve success in the Asian market and beyond.

Basically, each GAA programme is run on a standard curriculum and methodology. The HKSTP provide further details with this PowerPoint. Each programme's objectives, benefits, and intended outcomes are similar in principle.

Programme Benefits

Please also check out these recent GAA programmes:

  • Smart Operation Accelerator (9 Oct - Dec 2019). The partnering organisations were: The Airport Authority Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, MTR Corporation Limited, Regal Hotels International, and the HKSTP.

  • Smart Airways Accelerator (16 Sep - Dec 2019). The partnering organisations were: Cathay Pacific and the HKSTP.


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