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Launching the Law Society’s InnoTech Law Hub

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

As reported in August in Hong Kong Lawyer, the Law Society of Hong Kong has officially launched its practice innovation program earlier this year, the InnoTech Law Hub (“ILH”).

The report notes:

As the Law Society’s program for legal practice innovation, the ILH aims to find technology-based solutions relevant to the [Law Society Technology] Roadmap; build a community of innovation champions; enhance the legal profession’s technological competency; and connect with decision-makers, execution teams and user groups on best practices. To support its peer-learning endeavors, the ILH has begun its roundtable series in May 2019, which has gathered local and overseas thought leaders, technology and practice area specialists, and young lawyers in small groups to share the trials and tribulations of innovating legal practice and the strategies and resources to resolve challenges.

The Law Society received strong positive feedback from members in their interest in technology and innovation relevant to their practices. All the events to date, including community roundtables and product workshops, have been over-subscribed.

The ILH has also conducted a survey on Law Society members on their innovation priorities and technology experiences in August and September. It should be interesting to see the survey results and how they will inform the work of the practice innovation program in the near future.

Additional community roundtable coverage can be found here.


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